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Skin Smoothing Moisturising Cream MedicaSkin Products
Skin Smoothing Moisturising Cream Dr. Anita Hegde

Skin Smoothing

moisturising cream


Made and manufactured in Australia.   

FREE shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

We firmly believe in no animal testing.    Natural or naturally derived ingredients.

This lovely facial moisturiser was developed in response to a problem.

Too many products. Too complex. Too much hype. Not enough Science.

Founded by Cosmetic Physician Dr Anita Hegde and based on 20 years of experience in Cosmetic Medicine. Hand- filled, small scale and bespoke, this cream was available only to her practice – until now.

Dr. Anita Hegde

“Using the very highest quality ingredients and keeping everything as natural as possible, it has been a passionate and determined journey for me.”

– Dr. Anita Hegde

The Skin Smoothing Moisturising Cream has gone to Los Angeles. Our product has secured a place in a Hollywood Gifting bag, gifted to red carpet nominees staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills California. We are delighted and wish the recipients our very best for the Awards Ceremonies.

Skin Smoothing Moisturising Cream

One product. Seven days. Uncomplicated. Simple. Effective.

The Skin Smoothing moisturising cream is a multi-tasking moisturiser packed with potent, active skin smoothing elements.

An intense concentrate of powerful antoxidants to minimise free radical damage to your skin in a beautiful base. Gentle, natural, essential oil fragrancing. The clever, elegant, brushed chrome cylinder protects active ingredients from light degradation.The pump delivers a measured dose. Build up to use on your face and neck nightly.