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Testimonials « Skin Smoothing moisturising cream


What some of our customers say about the amazing Skin Smoothing moisturising cream!


M.T. age 45-49

“Don’t get me wrong spending over 200 NZ dollars on product makes be squirm but it works for me and I am using less other product so I think it kind of balances out. My children are independent so I can afford to spend a little more on myself.

I didn’t really have any problems as such, but I thought my skin was a bit dull and I was noticing some fine lines. I was a little worried about using it because I can be sensitive to lots of products to the point of needing antihistamines and once steroids to settle my skin down. But I had no problem at all.

I have noticed my skin is quite glowing. My family have noticed without me even saying I am using a new product. I have also noticed that I only need a little moisturiser under make up and even less foundation – it is almost as if I have a better barrier, I can’t quite explain it. I am getting the occasional small pimple – not sure if this is the product or just me.”


M.E. age 45-55 years

I really love skin cream! I have spent a fortune on very high end products. I’m the person who sees a beautician every month.

I felt my skin was aging. Suddenly it wasn’t youthful anymore. I’ve always looked after my skin and I’ve always had clear skin.

As I’ve aged my skin has become patchier and dull. I was worried about the fine lines on my face and particularly around my eyes.

The skin creams you buy over the counter can be expensive and you start stacking up multiple bottles of stuff. It’s too hard.

After finding the Skin Smoothing moisturising cream, my skin improved in the first month. My skin looked dewier.It’s the only way I can describe it. You want that softness. That was a big difference.  I noticed my skin just looked better. It was easy to use. It absorbed well into my skin.

I’ve saved a lot of money too!

It just works. This cream does what it says it will do!


W.N., age 36 years

Even if I’m feeling drab, my skin looks a million dollars.  I’ve been walking around in my “daggy” painting gear. It’s not my best look BUT I look in the mirror and think “Hey my skin looks fantastic.It’s soft and glowing” and I feel great.

S.K., age 60 years

A big thank you for the luxurious skin cream. The overall condition of my skin has improved with the wonder elixir. Clever, easy dispenser.

From a Cosmetic Physician

“Just wanted to tell you I’ve had quite a few patients come back and say how wonderful your cream is. I had one this morning that we had before and after pictures.It has taken away some of the marks on her face and she is absolutely delighted. She absolutely loves your cream.”


JP, age 37 years

I love the texture and feel of this cream. It disappears into my skin and there’s never any sticky residue. My skin felt incredibly soft quickly. My skin looked fresher and more even in colour and tone. I thought my pores were less visible too.I want to fight those first fine lines on my forehead, under and around my eyes. It’s been fantastic.

B.J., age 59 years

Moisturiser verdict excellent!  What I can say is it outshone every moisturiser I have. After using my skin the next day felt extremely soft and well moisturised. I loved the dewy look it gave.

N.B., 42 years

I would love to place another order as it did wonders for my skin – totally got rid of my rosacea.

P.E., age 42 years

Honestly my skin felt so much smoother from the first application and in general just better and glowing. I love the smell, texture and consistency. It feels light and absorbs beautifully.

M.L., age 45 years

I love this cream, never greasy, versatile for all over face and neck.

S.J., age 52

I am loving this cream, my skin is glowing.

K.S., age 43 years

My face is still soft and the right side is getting jealous of the left side! Wow, it really is lovely lovely cream!

S.B., age 56 years

My skin felt remarkably softer immediately and after about one month of regular applications on my neck region the darkened sun damaged pigment became lighter. Unlike other products i believe my skin is being nourished properly and truthfully.

I have had no problems with this product. I always apply sunblock over the top if I use it in the morning. I always wear my hat!

If I didn’t have the Skin smoothing cream – I would feel I am letting myself down. I would not be giving myself the best.


P.Y, aged 35-40 years

I have very patchy skin which is dry and oily in places.  The skin around my eyes is just beginning to look sad (!) with fine lines, circles and those early bags 🙁 The Skin Smoothing Cream has balanced my skin tone over all.  My skin looks brighter and there’s a healthy glow.  My fine wrinkles around the eyes have lessened.  The cream gives me a sense of freshness and indulgence with a really pleasant aroma . I feel I am finally taking good care of myself. It’s a  high quality product and I love, love it!

V, age 43 years

It’s so smooth and velvety

Y.P., age 61 years

I absolutely loved the new “miracle” cream, my skin felt fabulous.

W.L., age 48 years

This cream is like an instant ‘pick-me-up’ for my skin, that lasts all day. It lifts my skin, and reduces puffiness and dark circles around my eyes and it’s even lightened a couple of dark spots on my temple. It’s wonderfully rich and light and I am not giving it up – ever!

R.D, age 60-65 years

.. just wanted to let you know that I’m extremely happy with the skin smoothing cream – have been using it every night and have definitely noticed an improvement. I’ve just noticed when I look in the mirror that my skin looks really nice – lovely and smooth and actually glowing! I’ve noticed this over the last couple of days!

D.K., age 47 years

The Skin Smoothing Cream is jam packed with the active ingredients Retin A, and vitamins so actually makes a difference and does what it says it will do – smooths my skin!  And I know the active ingredients will continue to be active right until the last drop thanks to the package design.  The cream is actually making a difference.