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About Dr. Anita Hegde « Skin Smoothing moisturising cream

About Dr. Anita Hegde

Cosmetic Physician Dr Anita Hegde has achieved a unique feat- the Skin Smoothing moisturising cream has found its place in the gift bags of Hollywood.

Dr Hegde has worked in Cosmetic medicine for two decades.After years of research, dedicated work and patient commitment, her skincare product which was only available to the patients of her medical practice, found its way to the gifting bags in Hollywood. The Skin smoothing moisturising cream is now available to you.

“I’ve always had a strong interest in cosmetic chemistry, so I know about facial skin creams. I’ve been formulating all my patients’ skin peeling agents for a long time. I’ve spent a lot of time researching what was out there, in response to patients asking me what skin care they should use. I’ve asked my patients a lot of questions too.”

“I devoured many medical research papers and realised I should stop thinking and just create my own product. One day I did, enlisting industry experts for my journey. I used ingredients that I would be happy putting on my face. I made sure that everything was of the highest quality and as natural or naturally derived as possible. Looking back, I see that everything has been one passionate journey for me.”

Radio Interview: A skincare revolution spearheaded by an Australasian Doctor: From Hollywood to you

Cosmetic Physician Dr. Anita Hegde, Medical Director of MedicaSkin Clinic in Sydney Australia joins eHealth Radio and the Skin Care and Plastic Surgery Information Channels to talk about some important information about skincare.