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Beautiful Rooms to Give You Interiors Envy « Skin Smoothing moisturising cream

Is there anything dreamier than a beautifully designed room? Not likely. It can be a bed with a canopy sheet hanging over the bed frame or even just a simple colour scheme that can turn an ordinary room into a beautiful room.

Following are six particularly beautiful rooms that will not only give you a serious case of interiors envy but will have you filling up your Pinterest board in no time.



The latest trend in interior design is open-plan kitchen/diners. The kitchen/diner pictured has a lovely rustic feel, encouraging conversation and togetherness. The rustic wooden table and chair are offset by the predominately white colour scheme. Breakfast, lunch and dinner would be made 10 times better being eaten in this beautiful space.



This cosy living room has splashes of colour throughout it, using plants to enhance the room’s décor and ambiance. Imagine coming home after a long day at work, sitting down on that couch and enjoying a nice glass of wine? Sigh…



This incredibly elegant bathroom is made for a movie star, or at least makes you feel like one. The beautiful bath would be perfect for long, warm baths, and the intricate patterns carved into the marble add to the elegance and sophistication of the room. The colour scheme of cream, white, gold and green are just enough that they don’t overwhelm the senses.



This stunning bedroom looks like something you’d find in a cottage in the French countryside. The French style is another popular trend in interior design at the moment. The rustic, natural setting of the room brings in just the right amount of light so that a person can wake up to the sunshine and enjoy the scenes of nature that surround them. Who wouldn’t want to get plenty of beauty sleep in a bedroom like this?



I think we can all agree that almost every woman has at some point dreamt of having her own walk-in wardrobe, a space just for her clothes, shoes, hats and jewellery. This sleek, modern wardrobe would be perfect for any working woman with a busy social life, and would be the perfect way to organise all your belongings. A walk-in wardrobe like this is exactly what the fashionista in all of us craves for.



The idea of having a library in your home is something that all book lovers fantasise about, especially a library like this. This library would definitely impress any guests you had over and would be the perfect place to have a moment’s peace away from the kids and relax with a good book. I’m not sure what I love more, those perfectly arranged book shelves or the regal powder blue sofa and equally elegant, intricately patterned rug that matches.